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Small Business Packages - Save Over 50%!

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Entrepreneurs and small businesses have unique communications challenges. PR Newswire understands today’s business landscape and can help you grow faster and stronger by getting your messages out to those who matter most — and within your budget.  That's why we have created special small business packages designed to save you money.

The Small Business PR Solutions Package provides you with everything you need to jump-start
your communications efforts and reach a potential audience of millions. Get your message
out to your target audience through our extensive Web distribution, combined with the power and reach of our Premium Domestic Newsline distribution. Increase your visibility by making an image available to an audience of thousands and connect your experts with the reporters who write the news.

The Small Business PR Solutions Package Includes:

  • Five (5) Web News Release Plus
    PR Newswire’s Web News Release Plus can help you gain traction in search engines and capture online audiences. Web News Release Plus is a powerful combination of optimized press releases hosting and distribution via PR Newswire's online syndication network of more than than 5,500 Web sites. Your news will be seen on the Internet's largest news sites (such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL), niche and localized Web sites and news engines including Yahoo! News and Google News. Web News Release Plus includes the display of one image per distribution and complimentary ReleaseWatchTM e-mail report with links to each appearance of your release - more than 100 Web sites including AOL, Forbes, Marketwatch, Hoovers and Yahoo!
  • One (1) US1 Premium Domestic Newsline distribution
    Our US1 Premium Domestic Newsline delivers your news to our most comprehensive U.S. media circuit, thousands of Web sites and investors, all while helping you connect with Internet searchers. Our premium report gives you actionable information from PR Newswire's online properties, including our public Web site and our media-only Web site, as well as tens of thousands of Web sites including those that syndicate PR Newswire copy.
  • One (1) Basic Multimedia Distribution
    Increase engagement with targeted audiences when you add an image, audio clip or video file to any US (national, regional or local) distribution by uploading the file or embedding your YouTube video.
  • One (1) industry category of ProfNetSM
    Use ProfNetSM, the leading network of experts, to connect your small business to
    journalists who are seeking expert sources for stories. Increase your exposure by
    promoting your organization’s experts in the media and gain an insider’s look at what is
    being written about your company by specific reporters as well as critical up-to-the-minute
    knowledge about your industry’s coverage.


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"I'm finding that a press release driven out via PR Newswire plays a huge role in driving traffic to my clients' website. When we target reporters with a customized pitch that includes the release for background purposes, the numbers go higher and for longer.  Over a two-week period in February for one client, this approach resulted in a 128% increase in Web traffic."

Sally Hodge
Hodge Schindler Integrated Communications

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