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CASE STUDY: Self Discovery Productions

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When Self Discovery Productions (SDP) completed production on its latest film, “Florida Crackers,” it elected to promote and distribute the movie without enlisting the services of an expensive distribution company. Rather, SDP’s plan was to directly target bloggers, online, broadcast and print media in the Southeastern US to generate visibility for the film.



Working on its own, SDP realized it needed to find an effective means to market and advertise the movie without spending a lot of time or money on solutions that did not guarantee optimal results. Saddled with the daunting task of promoting and distributing a DVD with limited resources, SDP recognized the need to find a simple, yet creative solution to help raise awareness, drive traffic to the official movie Website and enable bloggers as well as online users to download and share “Florida Crackers.”



To meet this challenge, SDP opted to issue a press release with PR Newswire as it offered the most cost-effective and reliable means to promote the film. Citing the Company’s unmatched reach, reliability and customer service, SDP drafted a clear message and targeted distribution in the Southeastern US.



On May 9, 2011 SDP issued a press release entitled, “Florida Crackers: The Cattlemen and Cowboys of Florida” Has Just Been Released on DVD. This is a Groundbreaking Independent Movie, Documenting the Florida Cracker Cattle Culture.

The impact of PR Newswire’s news distribution platform was immediately evident. The release gained broad exposure across the Southeastern US, garnering original coverage and reviews on, TC PALM, FOX 29 WFLX, AG WIRED and International Entertainment News. Additionally, the release was picked up by national publications and regional outlets throughout the US, leading to blogger downloads and purchase orders far beyond the regional target market.

“Given the challenges to effectively distributing and promoting a film without the support of an experienced distribution company, we were thrilled with the results this simple press release achieved,” said Susan James, Producer, Self Discovery Productions. “While we were especially focused on the Southeast US market, PR Newswire’s broad distribution network put our movie directly in front of bloggers, online users and news outlets across the US. In addition, PR Newswire provided top-notch customer service and walked me through the process each step of the way.”

Producer, Self Discovery

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"I'm finding that a press release driven out via PR Newswire plays a huge role in driving traffic to my clients' website. When we target reporters with a customized pitch that includes the release for background purposes, the numbers go higher and for longer.  Over a two-week period in February for one client, this approach resulted in a 128% increase in Web traffic."

Sally Hodge
Hodge Schindler Integrated Communications

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