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Press Release Writing Service FAQ

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FAQ - Press Release Writing Service
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  1. Who is Textbroker?
    Textbroker is a marketplace for unique and exclusive written articles created to your specifications. The PR Toolkit has collaborated with Textbroker to provide a unique press release writing service for small businesses.  PR Newswire provides the Textbroker authors specific guidance on best practices and editorial guidelines to ensure your order is ready to be distributed. Be sure to visit our "Get Started" page to distribute your press release.
  2. Who processes the order requests and payment?
    Textbroker, our strategic writing service partner. This is strictly a referral relationship.
  3. Who do I contact with questions or assistance? (General questions, cancellations, etc.)
    Textbroker should be contacted with all questions or concerns:

    Two options for contacting Textbroker:

    Email: Send an email with subject line "PR Newswire Press Release Order" to
    (* This email will route to our writing service strategic partner. You are not contacting PR Newswire.)

    Call: (212) 729.3218 ext. 516
  4. How long will it take to process my order and receive the initial draft of my press release?
    Typically, you will receive an email notification within 24-48 hours to review your completed order. Depending on Author availability, it could take up to 72 hours, however this is rare.
  5. I forgot my password, now what?
    Send an email to Please make sure that the return address of your e-mail is the same as your registered client e-mail address.
  6. How much time do I have to accept my press release draft?
    Starting from the moment the press release is released by the author, you have 3 days to review, accept, refuse or send the article back for revision. If you do nothing within those 3 days, the article will automatically be accepted.
  7. How and when can I request a revision of my press release?
    A revision is only possible if the article has not yet been accepted by you or by automatic acceptance (3 days after release). In order to request a revision, simply access the article and scroll to the end of the page. There you can see the option for sending articles back for revision. Please state the exact reason and what exactly is to be changed in a considerate and factual manner. The author is only liable if he did not meet your order instructions as stated at all or in parts.
  8. How do I know when my press release is ready for review?
    As soon as completed orders are submitted, you will receive an email invites you to review your order.
  9. How long does it take until my order is executed and completed?
    Textbroker is a marketplace for authors. Therefore, acceptance depends on the authors and what orders they consider appealing. Many clients' orders are accepted within a few hours, but some are taken only after a few days. The pace in which orders are chosen strongly depends on the details and complexity of the order for the quality level assigned.
  10. How often can I send back an article for revision?
    Presently there is no limit to how often an article can be sent back for revision as long as the request does not deviate from the initial order instructions.
  11. Can I give an author my e-mail address or phone number?
    No, the Textbroker Terms of Service do not allow the exchange of personal contact data. For your protection as well as their authors, please communicate via the internal messaging system.
  12. I’ve accepted my order, now what?
    Distribute your release via PR Newswire. Click here to get started!

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"I'm finding that a press release driven out via PR Newswire plays a huge role in driving traffic to my clients' website. When we target reporters with a customized pitch that includes the release for background purposes, the numbers go higher and for longer.  Over a two-week period in February for one client, this approach resulted in a 128% increase in Web traffic."

Sally Hodge
Hodge Schindler Integrated Communications

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