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"Shark" From Hit TV Show Brings "To Life" Legendary Sales Guru Zig Ziglar Content Not Available To The General Public

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Ziglar's Holograph Accompanies Harrington On Stage & Online in Sales "Master Class"

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Zig Ziglar will go down in history as one of the world's most influential motivators, sales authors and selling gurus. Although he passed away in 2012, his events/talks, books and videos continue to influence, educate and motivate people worldwide. More than 250 million people have read his books, attended his live events or seen his in-depth interviews on national television.

Original "Shark" Kevin Harrington was inspired by Ziglar's teachings; he learned from the sales master and was transformed by his insights and lessons, which he says impacted his success and entrepreneurial drive. As a result, Harrington is keeping Ziglar's legacy alive by partnering with the Ziglar estate and releasing never before seen videos and teachings via live events and online classes. Some events with Harrington will even include Ziglar's holograph in an interactive format.

As a testimony to Ziglar's resonating influence, after his death, his family created a Facebook page in his name, which has since accumulated more than 4.5 million "likes."  Harrington's objective is to share Ziglar's teachings in a unique and contemporary fashion to help and influence tens of millions of people.

"In today's world, there is no lack of information but there is a lack of information that people trust," said Harrington. "Zig Ziglar was a master that millions of people trusted. This classic but newly released content is sure to help millions more. I am honored to carry on his legacy and share these insights, which are highly relevant in today's technology-rich world."

Through his Master's Series, Harrington will share sales and attitude/life secrets from Ziglar's personal archives (maintained in a vault/safe by his family), which he developed when writing Secrets of Closing the Sale. These nuggets, which will now be available in digitized format, did not appear in the book rather came out of private presentations and subsequent discussions with the author. This content includes valuable learnings for:

  • People who have an idea or message that they want to share with the world.
  • Sales pros who want to take their success to the next level.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to magnify their success and accelerate growth (way beyond what they currently imagine).
  • Authors, speakers, and thought leaders of all types.

A serial entrepreneur, Harrington built a $5 billion business, co-founded the Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO), and literally pioneered the infomercial business and "As Seen On TV" category (beginning with Ginsu Knives). He is the ideal candidate to share these selling and attitude-focused secrets with the public as he was immensely influenced by Zig Ziglar beginning at age 17 when a sales coach gave him Ziglar's book, See You at the Top (1975). One of the principles from the book that impacted him most was: "People who fail reaching their dream, fail not from lack of ability - but from lack of commitment." From Zig's Secrets of Closing the Sale (1984), Harrington was strongly influenced by Zig's lesson: "You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Famous Zig Ziglar quotes that are still widely referred to today include:

  • "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation."
  • "The key to sales is helping people get what they want. If that's your focus, you'll get what you want - at the same time."
  • "People don't buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons."
  • "Lack of gratitude is stinking thinking."
  • "When you are asleep you need your dreams. When you are wide awake you also need to dream."
  • "The more times you fail, the closer you are to success because you're learning every step of the way."
  •  "Everyone is in sales. Whether you are a schoolteacher, a civil service worker, in the military or an executive assistant - it doesn't make any difference. What we all do every day of our lives involves selling."

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