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When is it Time to Outsource your Marketing?

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April 20,2016

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker


Whether you are a new brand just launching or have reached a competitive level that requires top-tier talent, you might be looking at hiring an outside marketing expert to help with your next campaign. This could mean working with one person to complete specific projects or hiring an entire team of specialists to implement different strategies. You may be wondering, however, if hiring outside help is really worth it. If you are weighing the risks and rewards, consider these five signs that your company might benefit from outsourcing some or all of its marketing tasks:


Your Marketing Campaign Is Stale

Marketing techniques are constantly evolving, so campaigns need to feel current and dynamic. If you have been pumping out the same messages through the same channels for years, then it is time to inject a fresh perspective into your strategy. Outsourcing marketing work allows you to tap into new ideas that can spark the right creative campaign to attract new customers to your company. A team of content writers can infuse a variety of voices into a campaign, increasing your chances of connecting with a broader, more diverse audience.


Marketing Is Not Your Expertise

While the majority of small business owners start out doing their own marketing out of financial necessity, very few possess a deep enough understanding of the industry to be truly successful. It is also nearly impossible to consistently divert attention away from actually doing business to write blogs, engage in social media and create promotional campaigns. Hiring an outside expert is often the key to elevating a growing business to the next level of success. Since marketing professionals dedicate their time to honing their writing skills and following the shifting trends in SEO algorithms and analytics, you are sure to recoup the money that you invest in hiring an expert by having more time to focus on developing the quality of your business.


Your Current Marketing Staff Is Overworked

Successful marketing campaigns require many moving pieces and strict deadlines that can quickly overwhelm a small in-house team. When your current staff begins to burn out over their never-ending list of tasks or you discover that it has been months since you last updated your website, outside help can pick up the slack. Utilize the talents of your marketing manager to create strategic goals and high-level campaigns and then hire freelancers to implement the details of the project. It is also important to recognize when your employees do not have the skills to carry out an assignment. The marketing industry is vast, ranging from organizing an event to writing website copy to analyzing data. Each of these tasks requires a range of skills that are rare for any one person to possess.


You Want to Slash Your Bottom Line

One of the best ways to boost profits is to reduce the company's fixed expenses. Hiring full-time staff is expensive when you add up salaries, benefits, recruiting, training and office space. When you work with a freelance professional, you pay for their time only when you need it. They may also have access to software and advertising platforms that you no longer need to purchase. These savings not only reduce the company's bottom line but also provide more money for hiring experts or investing into your campaigns.


Your Efforts Aren't Producing Results

Successful marketing requires more effort than building a website, getting listed in local directories and buying a few ads. If you are not getting the website or social media traffic that you desire, hiring someone with more experience may help create buzz about your company and boost your organic traffic.




Phillip Thune has been Chief Executive Officer of Textbroker since 2010. Through his leadership and expertise in business and content marketing practices, Textbroker continues to grow dramatically and remain the leading provider of on-demand, unique written content.

 Textbroker can be found on twitter at @TextBroker.





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