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The Importance of Maintaining a Small Business Blog

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May 28,2015

By Hugh S. Moore, Emerging Insider Communications


OK – We can all agree that traditional marketing is dead and content marketing is the future (at least, that’s the increasingly popular wisdom). This means that you have to provide your audience – your customers – some kind of valuable insight, something in a unique voice, that will compel them to visit your website, utilize the useful information you provide, and interact with your brand.

Providing this content is not an easy task, but it is vital. So, how often should you feel obligated to sit down for several demanding hours and cough up this useful insight?

Once a week. Twice if you are up to the task. There are a couple of reasons for this:


1. It shows you care.

There are few things more off-putting for a potential customer than to browse your website and see obvious signs of neglect. A company that fails to keep up with and respond to industry news (and there’s always industry news) is not an appealing prospect for doing business. Just as you might question a job applicant who had big gaps on his or her resume, your customer might rightfully question the amount of care with which you conduct your business if it looks like your blog hasn’t been updated in a long time.


2. It fosters loyalty.

If you’re providing your customers with something genuinely useful, they will inevitably develop a sense of gratitude. This is what every marketer dreams of. A grateful customer is a loyal customer, and that’s our whole job, right?


3. Like exercise, it makes you stronger.

Sue Anne Dunlevie puts this well when she points out, “If you update your blog once a week and write 1,000 words per post after a year you’ll have written a small book. That’s impressive. It really does make you an expert in your niche and the very act of that writing will have helped you learn a lot about yourself, your goals and your business.”


4. It will help your search engine SEO.

An actively growing body of content attracts the attention of search engines, and every piece you publish presents an opportunity for your brand and your content to be shared, linked, tweeted, etc. In this respect your content production resembles cold sales (or online dating): it’s a bit of a numbers game. You never really know when a particular piece of insight will take off and attract attention. In a perfect world, your post might go viral, and that would be an indication of a job VERY well done.


In closing, it’s worth noting that blog maintenance is not easy. It takes genuine effort and expertise to provide meaningful content. Just because it seems like it might be a secondary concern in your everyday business does not mean you should allow yourself to slack off on your blogging. Make the effort, force yourself to adhere to a regular schedule, and the benefits will follow.

Hugh Moore is the Director of Content and Strategy at Emerging Insider Communications in Chicago. A graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, he has previously worked as a newspaper and magazine writer and editor, both domestically and overseas. Over the course of his career he has been immersed in subjects from politics to nightlife, the arts and high finance.



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