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Social Media Marketing Tips for the Major Platforms

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June 11,2015

By Steve Lazuka, Zerys for Agencies


There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to developing effective content for social media networks and marketing it in a way that reaches your preferred audiences on those networks. By their very nature and based on their diverse user demographics, social platforms are very different from one another in terms of best practices. Here are a few social media marketing tips to promote your blog on the major platforms and get the most out of your content.


1. Post Outside Peak Hours

Most people post to Facebook between 8 AM and 6 PM. During these peak hours, news feeds are full of content and there is a lower likelihood that followers will see your posts. However, if you post at off-peak hours, you may be able to gain higher engagement. For instance, Buffer found that by posting content at 11 PM, they received 25 percent more clicks on links than during peak hours.

2. Post Link Updates

The Facebook algorithm considers the type of update when deciding what to prioritize in users’ news feeds. You will receive much greater visibility when you post updates that contain links in the primary text rather than posting images or other information with links in the caption.

3. Always Include Text with Your Links

There are several ways to post content to Facebook, including a link accompanied by several sentences of text, a link with just a few words, or a link alone without any text. In the same study, Buffer found that, while clicks did not vary greatly due to the length of the text, updates with no text at all received around 10 less clicks than normal.



1. Create a Personality

With only 140 characters to convince followers to click the link to your content, it is more important than ever to let your voice shine through. Tweets should consistently reflect your brand’s personality by using the same tone, color, and character as your other online content and by demonstrating the same values as your blog posts.

2. Use Hashtags to Their Full Advantage

You can use or create hashtags with the intent that followers will use them in their own tweets. Not only are hashtags an ideal way to highlight specific ideas, content, brands, or products, but they also make it easier for users to find your tweets because many social networks, Twitter included, offer hashtag-specific search capabilities to their users.

3. Engage in Community & Cross-Platform Involvement

Encourage users to keep up the activity on your news feed by retweeting, incorporating tweets in your blog content, or posting tweets on your website and other social media networks.



1. Fill Your Account with Rich Content

When you set up a LinkedIn account for your brand, you most likely filled out all the basic fields. To make your profile stand out and maximize your social media marketing potential, you should use the Professional Portfolio feature. This will allow you to add a wealth of content straight to your account including blog posts, infographics, SlideShare presentations, and images or screenshots.

2. Join Discussion Groups

A great way to show consumers, readers, and followers that you care about their needs and to establish yourself as an industry expert is to provide advice through discussion groups. Local businesses can particularly benefit from the social media marketing potential of discussion groups based in their area.



1. Benefit from SEO

Google places content posted on its own social media site higher up in search results, meaning that simply sharing your blog posts on Google+ can improve SEO.

2. Hold a Hangout

There are endless possibilities for hangouts: you can answer clients’ most pressing questions, perform a tutorial, provide a sneak peak of your latest product, or do just about anything else that will enable you to build and strengthen your relationship with consumers. End by referring connections to your blog to learn more about the subject or even create a post that summarizes everything you covered in the hangout and invite more readers to join you next time.

3. Grow Your Audience

With 540 million users, 300 million of whom are active on a regular basis each month, Google+ is an ideal opportunity to connect with people who are not following you elsewhere.
For any social media marketing campaign to be successful, you first need high-quality content. If you lack the knowledge, time, or skills to create content on your own, find someone in your company or, better still, outsource a professional to help you.



Steve Lazuka is the founder of Interact Media, creators of the Zerys Content Marketplace and Zerys for Agencies content marketing platforms. Follow Steve @SteveLazuka


About Zerys
Zerys is a powerful content project management tool and writer marketplace that makes it simple to manage any content project from start (strategy planning) to finish (auto-publishing). Zerys for Agencies is a custom, private-labeled solution that allows agencies to manage all their clients’ content projects from one, simple dashboard. Zerys was founded in 2008, and is now used by thousands of businesses and hundreds of marketing agencies.


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