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Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Local Audience

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December 4,2015

By Kristen Gramigna, BluePay


Mobile marketing is a cost-efficient way to connect with local customers on the devices that they engage with nearly five hours a day, according to a study by Informate Mobile Intelligence.

Here are some easy mobile marketing tips to help you reach your local audience:


Know who you’re talking to. Though reports that American mobile users now spend more time on their smartphones than they do watching television, different audiences rely on mobile devices for different purposes. For example, shopper data from Neustar reveals that nearly a quarter of millennials use their mobile devices to view retail advertising, compared to just 10 percent of baby boomers. Similarly, millennials are three times more likely to use their mobile device to access social media than baby boomers. Effective mobile marketing begins with understanding who your audience is; and how, why and when mobile devices are used.

Make the mobile experience customer-centric. Because mobile customers are accustomed to instant gratification, mobile marketing campaigns can be highly effective at reaching the customer at the exact moment he/she is ready to purchase, based on his/her search history, physical proximity to a store, or social media activity. Businesses can further develop their mobile appeal by incorporating tools like mobile payments and mobile point-of-sale systems — both of which can improve customer experience, and eliminate unnecessary wait times at checkout.

Choose your words carefully. Mobile marketing messages can be highly targeted to your local audience to optimize marketing dollars, but they require some degree of personalization to be effective. This may mean referencing past purchases and suggesting similar products, or offering promotions similar (or better than) mobile offers that customers redeemed in the past. (According to VentureBeat, at least 70 percent of marketers said campaigns were more effective when they personalized communications with customers.)

Mobile marketing campaigns must also be important enough to justify the intrusion. The experts at CIO Magazine report that mobile customers respond best to SMS text offers that include language like “48 hour flash sale!” — or to text offers that provide access to exclusive information the user has indicated interest in receiving.

Incorporate social media. People check in with their social media accounts as many as 17 times a day according to Informate’s research — and much of that activity takes place on a mobile device. Mobile marketing campaigns delivered by way of social media are an inexpensive (and potentially free) way to connect with your local audience. Use social media to communicate special offers to customers that they can save and/or redeem directly on their mobile devices, and to generate two-way conversation to deepen customer relationships and increase sharing activity.

Leverage mobile-device tools.  Small businesses can leverage successful mobile campaigns used by big brands to boost their connection with local audiences. Coca-Cola, for example, once had great success with a mobile campaign that invited users to take a video of themselves drinking Coke on their mobile device, which the brand incorporated into a social media campaign. Get creative about how you can utilize the unique attributes your local community has to offer that are relevant to your brand’s message.

Use mobile in tandem with other tactics.  Mobile marketing can be an effective way to reach local users — but it doesn’t replace the importance of other initiatives. Design your mobile marketing messages with a surround-sound approach that coincides with other touch points, including print campaigns, signage and the tone of your latest product line or promotion. As the experts at CIO Magazine point out, the most successful mobile marketing campaigns with local audiences are those that use the tactic strategically, and sparingly — which may mean distributing mobile marketing campaigns no more than twice a month until you get a sense of response rates.

Mobile marketing campaigns can offer inexpensive and highly impactful ways for small businesses to connect with local audiences, often in real time. Experiment with the many methods to reach your target audience on their mobile devices to improve your brand’s awareness in the community. Ideally this should boost response rates in all of your marketing efforts.




Kristen Gramigna is Chief Marketing Officer for credit card processing firm, BluePay. She has more than 20 years experience in the bankcard industry in direct sales, sales management and marketing. Follow her on Twitter at @BluePay_CMO.




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