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Content Marketing 101: Keywords - It’s All About Balance

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October 20,2016

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker


Making content easy to find and easy to read can sometimes seem like walking a tightrope without a net. Too many keywords will make the article seem forced and unreadable while not enough can mean no one finds your content. Tipping off that thin line can drop your article into the dark abyss of the Internet and cost your brand both leads and visibility.


Know What You’re Talking About

Finding your balance as you traverse the high wire of good content begins with having the right keywords. While there are tools out there to help you find strong keywords for any topic, it’s often better to figure them out yourself since you are the Subject Matter Expert. Start by coming up with a list of search terms– as many as you can think of– for your topic. Then, narrow it down to the top two or three terms someone might search. Use these terms to come up with the outline for your content and give your piece a central, cohesive theme.


Stay Focused on the Goal

Your chosen search terms will help you focus the content in the right direction. Make sure to use them in the text along with synonyms and similar phrases. Use natural phrases that make sense while reading, and only use keywords that connect directly to the topic. If you use phrases that don’t suit the text or randomly insert awkward search terms, readers will abandon the article and find their information elsewhere. This not only kills immediate leads but can also affect your search engine ranking if your bounce rate is too high.


Keep It Light

Once your content includes your keywords, you have to make sure the article isn’t overly stuffed. If you have the right keywords, you don’t need to weigh your content down by using repetitive phrasing. Too many keywords close together or using keywords that don’t match the topic will confuse those searching for your topic, significantly reducing traffic to your site.

Ensure your content has good flow and that your keywords make sense by having someone unfamiliar with the topic read it. Easy readability and strong, optimized keywords will ensure that both readers and search engines share your content.


Lead the Way

Balance in content marketing is always essential, especially with keywords. Avoid missteps by making sure you have the right keywords spread throughout your content. Having perfect balance will ensure that your content gets leads safely across the divide separating them from you.




Phillip Thune has been Chief Executive Officer of Textbroker since 2010. Through his leadership and expertise in business and content marketing practices, Textbroker continues to grow dramatically and remain the leading provider of on-demand, unique written content.

Textbroker can be found on twitter at @TextBroker.





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