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Top 3 Ways on How to Pitch an Infographic to a Publication

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October 1,2014

By Marc Prosser, Fit Small Business


I receive numerous requests to publish infographics on my website, Fit Small Business. What determines if I publish an infographic?


  1. Relevancy: Would my audience be interested in the topic?
  2. Quality: Is the information accurate and well presented?
  3. Story: Is there an interesting tidbit that I can add to the infographic?


I think relevancy and quality are fairly self-explanatory. However, the last point “story” may require some explanation. Unless a website is designed as a collection of curated content, the site’s owner probably wants to give readers the sense that the site provides original, unique content. An infographic that is provided to multiple websites for potential publication, is by its nature non-original content.


How can you turn a piece of non-original content into original content?

Add a story! Provide a couple paragraphs which convey something that is not found on the infographic, personalizes the “stats” or facts, or adds perspective.

Good infographic pitches from PR or marketing people immediately answer the question of relevancy and quality, and make it easy for me to add a story. Below is a pitch that I received from Laura Wilkinson of Eastwick (PR agency) representing ReachLocal, a company that does online marketing for local businesses. Notice how easy she makes it for me to interview a local business to personalize this Infographic.

(Email is republished with permission).

Hi Marc,

As you cover small business topics at FitSmallBusiness, I’m sending an infographic your way (view attached) that details how a lead becomes a customer. It has a visual & educational “School House Rock” theme with tips to build a lead-optimized website and the process a business should take to increase online marketing ROI. It was created by ReachLocal – a company with 12+ years of experience in online marketing for local businesses.

If you’d like to speak with a local business seeing success in these methods of online marketing I’d be happy to connect you with one. (name of company) based in the (location) would be happy to chat about its:

• XX% increase in leads from search
• XX% increase in website visits
• XX% increase in calls since launching a lead-optimized website

Please let me know if have any questions or are interested in publishing the infographic or speaking to (name of company) and ReachLocal.



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About The Author - Marc Prosser has many years of experience in the field of press relations, from both sides of the table. Currently, he serves as the publisher of Fit Small Business and frequently interviews leading figures in the small business space. Previously, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer of a company that provided currency brokerage services.



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