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Jim Fong
Diagnostics Plus

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Ten Ideas for Your Next Small Business Press Release

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November 7,2011


Why write a press release if you own a small business? Press releases are excellent ways to gain online visibility for your small business. Well-written press releases can generate a lot of buzz with the media and raise your company’s profile online. In order to be effective, a press release should revolve around a timely and unique topic. If you're stumped about creating great press releases, here are ten press release ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

1. New Hire

Whether your business recently hired a new entry-level employee or has a new president, you should highlight the news with a press release. Simply include pertinent information about the new employee and the value they add to your business.

2. New Product

Any time you unveil a new product or service, you should submit a press release to announce its debut to the world. These types of press releases should highlight the features of the product, where the product is available for purchase and any details of interest to the target retailer or consumer.  

3. Updated Website

If major changes or additions to your company website have been made, the changes can be outlined in a press release. Make sure to explain why the modifications were made and how the changes will benefit new and existing visitors.

4. New Location

If your small business has relocated or opened another location, the news is a natural choice for a press release. It demonstrates that your business is thriving, and it gives you the opportunity to report on the expansion of you business.  

5. Sale

If your business lands a new client, project, contract or large sale, a press release is a great way to let the media and consumers know about your success. Newsworthiness is important, so make sure to emphasize what makes the sale so special.

6. Philanthropic Activity

It's smart to submit a press release when your company participates in philanthropic activities. Whether your employees have volunteered for a good cause or your company has made a donation, a well-written press release can highlight the news to enhance your online visibility. On top of that, giving back to the community is a good thing to do.

7. Awards

Any time your company or an employee is recognized with an award, you should take the time to issue a press release about it. The same is true about being featured in a major publication. This type of recognition is something that you should share with the world.

8. Free Offers

Everyone loves freebies! Distributing a
press release about free offers will get the attention of the media and consumers.

9. Survey Results

Take an informal survey during regular business hours, and publish the results with a press release. The survey can relate to your company or revolve around a more general topic. Readers love data and a survey is a great way to collect information about your business, industry or products.

10. Milestones

Every time your company's anniversary rolls around, you should find a way to incorporate the information into a press release. The press release can revolve around the things that have been accomplished throughout the year.

It pays to issue a
press release about your small business from time to time, and there's no end to the possibilities when it comes to topics.


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