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5 Strategies For Landing Page Content That Captures Customers

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April 23,2014

By Steve Lazuka, Zerys for Agencies

Landing pages have only one job to do: convert a website visitor into a qualified lead. Although their role is simple, your small business landing page content strategy should have you focusing on every single detail on the page – right down to the color of the button on your form. Why? Because website visitors are notoriously fickle and the smallest changes to your landing pages can have a huge impact on your conversion rate. Here are five details to focus on to create landing pages that will earn more leads.


1. Reduce Distractions

Keep landing pages free from anything that would distract the reader from the goal: filling out that form. Some of the biggest distractions on landing pages are links, especially navigation links at the top of the page and informational links in footers. Social sharing links may be a way to get the word out about your offer, however, research shows that when visitors are given the option to do something other than filling out the form, they will. Be sure to test your landing pages with and without social sharing links to see which performs better.

2. Use a Thoughtful Layout

Part of your landing page content strategy should include giving some thought to the layout of the page. The design should be clean and free of clutter, and your main call to action should be very easy to find. Use white space to set off important information and contrasting colors to call out to the reader so they know where they should be looking. The form on your landing page should be easy to find and the button to submit the completed form should practically jump off the page.

3. Craft Good Headlines

The headline will be the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your page and it will be their first opportunity to decide to leave. The headline on your landing page should be crystal clear and immediately offer reassurance to the reader that they are in the right spot and that they are about to get something valuable. Follow the headline with a descriptive subheading that makes a promise to the reader to solve their problems with your offer.

For example, if your offer is a free ebook about landing page content strategy, your title might be "Free Ebook: Strategies for Landing Pages That Capture Customers," and your subtitle might be "how to build landing pages that generate more leads." The main title gets right to the point and the subtitle makes the promise that the book will solve the problem of landing pages that aren't generating leads.

4. Optimize the Text

Follow up with what you promised in the subheading with a few lines that clearly explain what you're offering and what the benefits of this offer are. Be as specific as you can while keeping it short. Bullet points are a great way to provide a few succinct details that are easy for the reader to scan.

Landing pages should always be completely focused on the reader but that doesn't mean that your landing page content strategy doesn't have room for good keyword placement. Be sure to use keywords in the page title, headers, and in the text to round out your optimization.

5. Optimize the Conversion Form

The smallest changes to a form can increase conversions significantly. In fact, the travel website was able to increase their profits by $12 million by removing one field from a form. Shorter forms tend to get filled out more often, but longer forms tend to deliver more qualified leads. Make sure that each field is not only valuable to you but will be perceived as necessary information by the visitor.

The text you choose for your buttons can make also make a difference. Using the word "Submit" as your button text can reduce conversions by 3%. Try using "Click Here" or "Go" instead. It's also not a bad idea to include a link to your company's privacy policy near this button to reassure visitors that you're trustworthy and that their information is safe with you.

Remember: Less is More

Don't give visitors too much time to mull over the offer by bogging the page down with information. Your overall landing page content strategy should be to deliver your message as efficiently as possible. Leave the fancy footwork for other pages and keep your landing pages clean and your forms easy to fill out and they will perform better.


Steve Lazuka is the founder of Interact Media, creators of the Zerys Content Marketplace and Zerys for Agencies content marketing platforms. Follow Steve @SteveLazuka


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Zerys is a powerful content project management tool and writer marketplace that makes it simple to manage any content project from start (strategy planning) to finish (auto-publishing). Zerys for Agencies is a custom, private-labeled solution that allows agencies to manage all their clients’ content projects from one, simple dashboard. Zerys was founded in 2008, and is now used by thousands of businesses and hundreds of marketing agencies.


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