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Strategic Planning is Critical to Your Content Marketing Campaign

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June 12,2013

By Steve Lazuka, Zerys for Agencies

Content marketing is a crucial part of any business plan. In today's fast-paced business climate the content on your website and social media platforms is your voice. Having a strategic plan to get your voice heard is essential for the success of your company.

Strategic Plan - Questions

While a case could probably be made that any planning for a business would be strategic in nature there are some key questions that need to be asked before any planning can begin. Those questions are:

  • Where are we at the present?
  • Where are we going?
  • How do we get there?


Let's look at each of the questions separately.

  • Present - This is where you look at your company's foundation. Things such as your mission statement, values, guiding principles and beliefs need to be examined in depth. You need to be able to answer the question, "Who are we?"
  • Future - You want to know where your company is heading. At this stage you will have to formulate a vision statement as to where you company will be 5 to 10, maybe even 20, years in the future. You will also have to determine your competitive advantage over your competitors and how to sustain that dominance into the future.
  • Path - This is the meat of the plan! How are you going to get there? You will spend most of your time on your strategic plan answering this question. At this juncture you will look at your company objectives, actual strategy, goals (short and long-term), actions, and execution of your plan. You will also have to have a way to measure the success of your plan.


The easiest way to look at your strategic plan is that it is your blueprint to success. The old adage, "if you fail to plan you can plan to fail", is particularly true when looking at your business and it's continued success. Use your plan to examine your company's foundation and values and then move forward to preparing for future success with your content marketing campaign.

Strategic Plan - Actions

While each business is unique and no two strategic plans will be alike there are some common elements that all plans can benefit from. A few of those to follow are:

  • E-book - Your company is probably in possession of tons of material that show expertise in your industry. Compiling this information into an e-book is a great way to foster interest in your company. It will portray your business as a leader in the field.
  • Podcasts - If you have office meetings and seminars around your office or if company representatives speak at industry events record these and produce an audio or video compilation of these. This will expand your company's reach and again show your expertise in your industry.
  • Graphics - Here you can use photo galleries, slide shows, videos and other graphical content on your website and social media sites to further your company message and content. If a picture paints a thousand words just think of what these graphics will convey?
  • Material - Repackage all your materials to make them easy to find for your customers. You don't want clients and prospective customers digging through tons of data to find what they need. Present your information in smaller, bite-sized pieces for all to digest.


You already know content marketing is critical to your company's success. Formulate a strategic plan to explore your company's foundation and values and to lay the groundwork for your success going forward. Plan to succeed and reap the benefits of continued success.

Steve Lazuka is the founder of Interact Media, creators of the Zerys Content Marketplace and Zerys for Agencies content marketing platforms. Follow Steve @SteveLazuka

About Zerys

Zerys is a powerful content project management tool and writer marketplace that makes it simple to manage any content project from start (strategy planning) to finish (auto-publishing). Zerys for Agencies is a custom, private-labeled solution that allows agencies to manage all their clients’ content projects from one, simple dashboard. Zerys was founded in 2008, and is now used by thousands of businesses and hundreds of marketing agencies.

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