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Promote Your Small Business Through Mobile Web Advertising

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May 8,2014

By Kemari Howell, Pubsoft

Technological innovations in advertising have significantly changed the industry's landscape; to stay ahead businesses need to remain agile, and adapt to the rapidly mobile-centric focus that advertising has taken. Everywhere you turn kids and adults alike are on their mobile phones, eReaders, or tablets: reading, playing games, networking. Chances are high that at least one—if not all—of the sites they’re using are monetized with mobile web advertising.

Mobile web advertising

Mobile web advertising, a form of advertising on mobile and wireless devices, is still relatively new in the advertising industry. But just like online content marketing, it is growing at a rapid pace. According to ITU’s (International Telecomm’s Union) 2013 statistics fact sheet, there were an estimated 6.8 billion mobile users at the end of 2012.

"Brand marketers who want to include mobile in their advertising initiatives should not delay their trials,” says Andrew Frank, research president of Gartner, Inc.  “[They] should have their budgets in place now to take advantage of mass consumer adoption of smartphones and media tablets." That’s a lot of advertising potential, especially with revenue from mobile web advertising having doubled from 2010 to 2011 (Gartner, 2011). By 2015, mobile advertising revenue is forecast to reach 20.6 billion.

Mobile Advertising Sites

So how can you, as a website owner, take advantage of this opportunity?

Below are a list of some of the more well-known mobile web advertising sites.

  • Admob
  • Admonsters
  • Mopub
  • Millennial Media
  • Jumptap
  • Mobclix
  • Greystripe
  • Zumobi
  • Flurry
  • Mojiva


Each site may have different requirements or criteria, so be sure to research each of them before choosing one.

Google Adwords as a Mobile Advertising Platform

Another option is Google Adwords. Google Adwords has been a go-to for online advertisers for a while. Because it is so cost-efficient, Google Adwords is one of the better advertising platforms, especially if you’re just starting out with mobile web advertising.

Google Adwords has many different options available to advertisers, such as location targeting based on set criteria provided by the advertiser. For example, if a bookstore wanted to entice mobile users within a particular radius—maybe for book signings or author events, they could target within 10 miles, which would then advertise to those mobile users within that 10-mile radius. There are also options to target people based on zip code, city, region, or even country. If a publisher wanted to advertise to a particular region that was the basis for a setting in a book, they could easily market to that specific region. This type of layered targeting helps to reach maximum potential customers with pointed ads in any given subject.

Becoming Mobile-friendly

Of course, before you think about mobile web advertising, you’re going to want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. While you could hire a developer to create a mobile-friendly website that works across all platforms, there are other, less expensive options available. Dudamobile is one such option. They can help make your website mobile-friendly super fast. There are some other options, such as And if you happen to use Wordpress, such as for your author or publisher website, you can always use WPTouch, a plugin that makes your website mobile-friendly.

Once you’re mobile-friendly, using mobile web advertising to promote and monetize your site will be a breeze.


About Kemari Howell
Kemari Howell is the Marketing Coordinator for She has also worked as an editor for clients ranging from self-published authors to international bestsellers. She’s worked as a contract editor for Amazon’s Publishing imprints and is the editor-in-chief of Em Dash Literary Magazine.


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