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Making the pieces fit: 6 Tips for Conducting Effective Online Marketing Campaigns

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October 17,2013

By Heather Wied, Kbuuk

An effective online marketing campaign is like conducting an orchestra. There are different components all unique and effective on their own, but when combined with all of the other elements the result is engaging and inspiring. However, if one section is off, the whole thing gets a little wonky, and the result isn’t quite moving as it could have been. A large part of the success of an orchestral arrangement is a confident and knowledgeable conductor who understands planning and timing, so that all of the pieces fit together just right.

This article operates under two assumptions. First that you've already assembled all of your sections for a small business online marketing campaign to where you at least have the basics; a website, and/or blog, social media presence, an online advertising channel, PR initiatves and online marketing goals and objectives.  If not, don’t fret, the PR Newswire Small Business PR Toolkit has all of the resources you need to get you started. Secondly, that you have a plan with a specific goal.

If you picture a conductor, you can see him waving a baton, pointing to a certain sections with one hand while keeping time with another section with his other hand or increasing volume and tempo. Your role in managing all of these different components of your online marketing strategy is in making sure that they all have a consistent message to the overall goal, but have a role specific to the individual component, and that they all somehow connect back to one another. Here are six basic tips for making it all work together:

1) Set your campaign in motion. Assuming your campaign has a goal and a plan, your PR push should be the catalyst to set your campaign in motion and should point to your website landing page and provide your social account information for easy communication.

2) Give people a place to act. Ideally, you should create a custom landing page for each specific campaign. Your website landing page should be where your message is communicated, and a call to action provides visitors a place to make the conversions that lead to achieving the overall goal.

3) Leverage your content. Your blog should contribute to your SEO and your discoverability and should point back to your landing page where a call to action is waiting. The content of your blog posts used during a campaign should be relevant to the overall goal of the campaign, and should be written and scheduled in advance. Also, don’t forget to use content you’ve already created by tying in major themes.

4) Leverage your social presence. Your social channels should be used to share your blog content as well as serving as a space to engage in similar conversations about how your expertise can help solve problems / fulfill needs, and nurturing leads into action by driving them to your social accounts where you have links and information back to your landing page.

5) Integrate your advertising. Your advertising copy should be specific to the message on your landing page and should point back to your landing page where a call to action is waiting for visitors. You advertising can also potentially come through your social accounts, where targeting options are making it very easy to reach very granular and specific audiences.

6) Use your newsletter to package it all together. Your email newsletter should expand on elements from your blog and again have a call to action that directs people to your landing page, while at the same time providing your social account information, and reiterating any press coverage that obtained through the initial press push.

One of the great things about online marketing campaigns is that there is a digital trail that gives you a wealth of information about how people are interacting with the plan you’ve created and implemented. This advantage can really help you measure marketing ROI and effectiveness. Don’t be afraid to use your insights to empower yourself to read between the lines, take risks, and try new things.

Once you’ve implemented an integrated online marketing campaign for your small business, and if you document your process and track and measure results, you should have a baseline for growth. Testing small changes in strategy and making incremental improvements to individual parts will become easier. Once you become a master at implementing campaigns then you can start to do more than one simultaneously as well as make them bigger and really begin to hone your marketing investment dollars as the digital marketing orchestra you’ve assembled starts making marketing masterpieces that take your business to the next level.

Heather Wied is the Resident Writer and Marketing Director for the Kbuuk self-publishing platform. Follow @Kbuuk on Twitter.

Founded in 2011, Kbuuk's mission is to empower independent authors to publish ebooks quickly and conveniently. Equipped with a suite of powerful and intuitive tools, authors can also engage readers and track sales to refine products and strategy. Anyone can create a Kbuuk account and access services once reserved for writers who could get past the gatekeepers of the publishing industry. Kbuuk is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, TX.


For more information on how you can leverage different online marketing campaigns, check out PR Newswire's guide to creating content marketing campaigns for small business.


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