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How To Get Influencers To Talk About Your Press Release

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January 30,2014

By Sarah Ware, Markerly

Ever wondered how to get influencers to talk about your small business press release in their blogs and through social media? Many marketers use press releases as a way to get wide distribution of a story to the proper news channels but forget that distributing that same press release to influential bloggers is a great way to receive an extra boost in the social sphere. In addition to using services like those offered by PR Newswire to reach major publications you should harness the power of micro-influencers to tell your story.

What Is An Influencer?

A micro-influencer is someone who is an influential blogger that has worked hard to build a loyal social following and community. These influencers can help you distribute your story to niche communities and read as personal endorsements. Think of it as modern day product placement. Working with influencers to boost your social engagement and create additional buzz for your press release is easy.

How To Work With Influencers

Step 1 - Partner with a company that can help you reach influencers at scale.
Step 2 - Provide influencers with appropriate keywords, media and links to include in their story including your press release link. Your press release link will always be live on the web.
Step 3 - Influencers write about your press release in their own words and distribute the information to their social followings.

Benefits Of Giving Your Press Release To Influencers

Working with influencers to distribute your press release has several benefits that complement your main goals.

Benefit 1 - Awareness: The main goal of any press release is awareness. By having influencers discuss your press release on their blog you are being featured in front of a new audience.
Benefit 2 - SEO: If a journalist reads your press release and then writes about it, any links included in that new news article will count towards your PageRank value. The same works for influencers - many times influencers write a post and it gets picked up by others that think the content is interesting for their own blog or publication.
Benefit 3 - Guaranteed: Just like syndicates of PR Newswire are guaranteed to feature your story, so are influencers.

We Live In A Social World

Influencers are some of the best reinforcements for press releases because it helps spread your story in an organic way. If the goal of your press release is to gather awareness, no better way to support your effort than to generate some discussion amongst influencers on social media and blogs.

The popularity of influencer marketing has given press releases a new value that has never before been accessible at scale. From print to web, press releases have changed to serve different purposes. Now more than ever you can get the most out of your press release while using mainstream distribution through PR Newswire and influencer marketing to ensure your story is told to as wide of an audience as possible.

Sarah Ware is the co-founder and chief executive of Markerly, an influencer marketing platform that advertises branded content to over 300 million people a month. Sarah is also a guest contributor to Forbes. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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