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How Small Businesses Can Manage a Better Blog

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November 16,2012


By Chris Sturk, Managing Editor, Mequoda
I’ve visited hundreds of blogs, for work and on personal time. I love information and blogs can be a great source of it.
Unfortunately, many of the blogs I’ve visited do not meet my expectations. There seems to still be a lot of writers that haven’t grasped the value of a well-designed blog. If you fit into this category, keep reading.
Blogs need to be valuable
Creating blog posts without a reason must be avoided. All the content you share on your blog needs to be relatable, relevant, or informative for your target audience.
At Mequoda Daily we publish blog content daily. We publish content on a rotating schedule so our most relevant topics get significant attention each month. All the content published on our blog also gets sent to subscribers through email, RSS and social media.
Currently, our editorial calendar has one topic or question as the focus each day, so we’re able to share a best practice with our audience. In this manner, we’re also creating content for search engines because the content is optimized for a primary keyword that has a reasonable keyword competition index (KCI).
Five tips for a better blog
Blogs tell the story of your organization, showcase your knowledge on specific subject matter and help your brand get found throughout the Internet. It’s important to keep these five suggestions in mind while creating a blog.


  1. Find your frequency – Once you start writing a blog, you need to maintain it on a regular basis. This way your readers will feel like your creating a consistent publication. Your frequency will likely depend on your staff resources.
  2. Find your length – Your target audience dictates your article length. Some audiences prefer long-form copy opposed to short articles. Writing for your audience will help you avoid comments like “TLDR”, which translates to: Too Long, Didn’t Read.
  3. Optimize your content – Pick keyword battles you can win! After determining the best keywords for your blog posts, make sure you’re reaching a keyword density of at least 2.7 percent.
  4. Share the right content – As I mentioned earlier, your content needs to have value. Share tips, teach people how to do things, and give new context to older, already-published content. 
  5. Be conversational – You must create a blog that interests people if you expect them to become a continual reader. Be conversational in your approach, but don’t forget to stay professional. Ask readers for their opinions, and be sure to share your content in all the right places (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Mequoda Group's Managing Editor, Chris Sturk compiles, edits and publishes posts on the Mequoda Daily blog. Mequoda Group offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, online publishing, search engine optimization, email newsletter marketing, editorial management, landing page best practices, social media optimization and online business management.
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