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Generate Traffic With a Well-Rounded Content Marketing Strategy

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November 19,2014

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker


For many good reasons, blogging is likely the heart of your content marketing strategy. Recent industry statistics are astounding: 77 percent of Internet users read blogs, 52 percent of consumers make purchasing decisions after reading a blog’s advice, and 57 percent of marketers have acquired new customers via their blogs.

With so much of the focus on how to create compelling blog content, other effective methods for getting out your messages are often overshadowed. Whether you have reached a stalemate in traffic numbers or you're ready to take your website to the next level, adding these four content strategies to your marketing plan offers a wealth of benefits, including:



  • Increased visibility from search engines, which results in higher rankings.
  • Establishing credibility as an authoritative voice in your industry.
  • Opportunities to connect with your target audience, which increases user-engagement and loyalty.


Blogging about these new content pieces is a great way to introduce them to your readers as well as to create internal links to secondary content on your website.


Four Content Strategies to Increase Traffic


1. In-Depth Content

While most people are seeking quick, digestible content when they surf the Internet, well-researched, detailed articles that offer solutions generate quality traffic over the long-term. Advanced content can take the form of an online course, webinar, ebook, how-to guide or feature article. By focusing on a topic that is relevant to your company, these longer pieces establish your authority and demonstrate your expertise. You can offer this content as either a paid or free service. Capture quality leads by providing a downloadable PDF in exchange for important contact information, such as an email address.


2. Objective Product Reviews

Writing product reviews is another way to establish your industry expertise. Independent evaluation of other people's products carries a great deal of credibility with readers, with two-thirds of shoppers saying they trust the experiences and recommendations of other consumers over professionals. However, readers do value company reviews that demonstrate their products’ capabilities and how they stack up against competitors, especially when it comes to making major buying decisions.


3. Captivating Infographics

Whether you have conducted an original study or gathered and analyzed a mountain of research, infographics are an engaging way to share the often dry details of data while also making exciting statistics jump off the page. Strong graphics are essential to jazz up the text and create a visually pleasing presentation. Since people retain almost 80 percent of what they see but only 20 percent of what they read, these quick to read and easy to share visual pieces can become powerful ambassadors for your brand.


4. Real Solutions for Real Problems

Shameless self-promotion is generally frowned upon by search engines and readers alike. However, white papers and case studies allow you to brag a bit while still offering valuable solutions for real-life problems. A case study focuses on one or more customers who benefitted from a specific product or service. Think of this as an inspiring success story, not a sales pitch. A white paper authoritatively guides readers through a problem, offering them solutions and essential information so they can make a well-informed decision. The overall intent of both pieces should be to connect with your customers and share your expertise.

About the author, Phillip Thune

Mr. Thune is the Chief Executive Officer of Textbroker, which he joined in 2010. Textbroker has grown dramatically as demand for content marketing has increased across the world. Prior to Textbroker, Mr. Thune was the CEO of and President of MIVA (previously, where he helped grow the company from 35 employees and $500,000 in annual revenue to 500 employees and nearly $200 million in five years, raise over $34 million dollars, acquire five businesses for a total of $230 million, and achieve a market capitalization of over $700 million. Mr. Thune also helped lead two different radio broadcasting groups which were among the 25 largest in the U.S.



Now that we have identified content strategies to increase traffic to your website, check out our article on why your content marketing strategy needs real-time data.

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