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"PR Newswire was a critical tool in helping my client maintain revenues. Faced with declining revenues, I needed to get them out of the box. While they weren’t ready to abandon their print and direct mail efforts, I helped them bolster their web and media presence. The PR Newswire effort definitely helped, especially enhancing our search engine optimization and pay-per-click efforts. When we saw the release distributed through dozens, if not hundreds, of sites on the web, we also saw our pay-per-click ads placed near the release. End result was increased traffic and a bump in their revenues."


Jim Fong
Diagnostics Plus

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From the PR Newswire Blog: How to Write Catchy Headlines

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January 23,2012


In this post from Grace Lavigne, editor of ProfNet, Lavigne collates expert advice on crafting an effective press release headline. Tips include:

  • Using SEO keywords.
  • Incorporating puns.
  • Brevity.
  • And, more.

Please click here for the full blog post.

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