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Four Ways to Use Drip Email Campaigns to Drive Conversions

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October 8,2014

By Sarah Ware, Markerly

The world of marketing and sales has a lot of overlap. They work hand in hand and both teams win when efforts are synchronized and best practices are used. Email marketing is a term that many are familiar with. How often do you think about dripping (several scheduled emails sent to leads to land a meeting or close a deal)? Just like an email marketer builds up a list and blasts them continually with special offers and updates, doing the same with sales will result in more meetings and more closes.

Not all salespeople drip and this gives your business an opportunity to stay fresh in the minds of your prospective customers by increasing your touch points. Dripping is easy to set up with various platforms and makes your sales teams job easier by automatically sending follow up emails to leads. You should drip on a lead at least 7 times. Dripping platforms automate this process so that you can focus on building up your sales list and continually finding new leads rather than spending manual time following up with old ones.

There are several types of campaigns out there that are considered drip campaigns. Here are a few that you can try out in your sales organization to see how dripping increases your bottom line with minimal effort.


Thought Leadership Drip Campaign: Provide your leads with informative e-mails. These value-added, educational drip campaigns will show you as a market leader to your prospects and eventually drive them towards purchase. These can include top 5 lists, market research, tutorials, or case studies. Schedule all of your educational drip campaigns for the entire quarter in under an hour!


Stay-In-Touch Drip Campaigns: If you have a long sales cycle you’ll want to stay in touch with your prospects. The more touch points you have, the more likely they are to close. Figure out how many touch points you want (ie: once a month) and set up these automatic reminders to your prospects to warm them up and increase your chances of winning their business.


Competitive Drip Campaigns: If you know that leads are doing business with a competitor (either by being noted during a sales call or shared during a questionnaire on your site, etc.) you can send specific emails to these educating them about what differentiates your company from the competition. This is a great approach to continually remind your prospects about your progress and make them feel warmer towards giving their business to you. Track who is opening the emails and follow up with them, as the more they read, the warmer of a lead they become.


Act Now! Drip Campaigns: These campaigns are a great way to increase your sales. Any specials or promotions that you have going on should be sent in mass to all prospects. Send out automatic reminders that time is running out to take advantage of a particular sale or offer and stay fresh in your customers minds.


Sarah Ware is the co-founder and chief executive of Markerly, an influencer marketing platform that advertises branded content to over 300 million people a month. Sarah is also a guest contributor to Forbes. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.




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