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Four Ways for Self-Publishing Authors to Use Press Releases in eBook Marketing

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May 1,2013

By Heather Wied, Kbuuk

Having a press release marketing component is an important part of an overall marketing strategy for any product, but this is also a task overlooked by authors looking for how to market an ebook.  Sending out a press release is an easy and fast way to get people drawn to your name  and your published work. With solid ebook marketing strategies, you can create something newsworthy to say in relation to your ebook. PR Newswire has created four instances in which a press release is appopriate for your self publishing marketing campaign.  

  • Announcing a new work
  • Collaborations with other contributors
  • Announcing events
  • Announcing promotions and contests

Announcing a new work

Do you have an idea for a work? Communicating your title well before it gets to market offers one opportunity for readers and media professionals to become acquainted with your name and the new work’s title. When sending out a press release to announce a work, tell the audience about the intended publication date. If you’re unsure when you will publish your work, give an estimation, such as a time of year like Fall 2013. Exercise caution when announcing titles and be sure to deliver at the expected time of publication because you don’t want to disappoint potential readers.

Collaborations with other contributors

Are you working with other contributors for your ebook? Issuing a press release is a great way to gain attention for collaborations with co-authors, illustrators, cover artists, and editors, especially if you have worked with someone with existing brand equity in his or her name. Having collaborations also provides an opportunity to share marketing costs and have both parties reap the rewards of exposure.

Announcing events

Having both a digital and physical presence is important, even if you are only selling a digital product. Events could be anything from having a reading in a local coffee shop, speaking at a civic organization, or doing some kind of meet and greet where you can answer questions about your work and yourself for readers. Additionally, non-fiction authors can organize seminars to speak about the topics covered within the pages of their work. All of these instances are perfect opportunities to generate press surrounding your work. Sending out a press release in advance of the event allows you the opportunity to gain attention from local news affiliates as well as online attention from other content creators and professionals in your area of interest, and ultimately new potential readers who are interested in what you write about. Be sure to include vital information such as date, time, location, and RSVP contact information if necessary.

Announcing promotions and contests

Offering limited sales promotions and having contests are a great way to gain attention for your work and to get potential readers excited about your work and interacting with you. A press release is an ideal tool to use to get a professional document into the hands of the industry connectors who are influencing your market and letting everyone know about your promotions and contests. Include information about dates and deadlines, how people can get involved, and in the instance of contests, what entrants can win.

Heather Wied is the Resident Writer and Marketing Director for the Kbuuk self-publishing platform. Follow @Kbuuk on Twitter.

Founded in 2011, Kbuuk's mission is to empower independent authors to publish ebooks quickly and conveniently. Equipped with a suite of powerful and intuitive tools, authors can also engage readers and track sales to refine products and strategy. Anyone can create a Kbuuk account and access services once reserved for writers who could get past the gatekeepers of the publishing industry. Kbuuk is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, TX.

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