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Enhancing Digital PR Efforts

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October 17,2012

Three ways to enhance your digital content and find new audiences

By Chris Sturk, Managing Editor, Mequoda

We’re in a new digital era. The ways people can learn new information and find new content are unlike anything we’ve seen in the past.

These areas are exactly what need to be utilized by online publicists, but not all professionals are taking the time to do it.

How have your press releases changed throughout the years? Are you focusing on the opportunities offered in the new digital environment? Take a look at the suggestions below to see if you can improve your online PR and promotional efforts.

Three ways to enhance your online press efforts

Make your content appealing: Consider what your press release is announcing. Is it a product, service, or live event? If so, you can easily enhance your efforts by adding to the press release. For an event, add a picture of the venue. For speakers, add a video clip (or a link to a video clip) to the press release so potential attendees can get an idea of what they’d experience. If you’re releasing a product, consider using a three dimensional image to add precision to your announcement.

Share the content in all the right places: Press release distribution websites are a no-brainer for your online PR efforts. Are you sharing your press through social networks, too? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest could all be valuable tools for getting the most from your press. Try posting the press release on your website. Then use your copywriting skills to share the best message through each social network. While sharing on social networks, directly target journalists and bloggers who could help give your information a boost.

Optimize your content: Publicists didn’t worry about optimizing press releases for keyword phrases in the past. Today it’s a different story.

PR professionals must become content producers and publishers of online content and can kick-start their efforts by incorporating some of the tips above.

Mequoda Group's Managing Editor, Chris Sturk compiles, edits and publishes posts on the Mequoda Daily blog. Mequoda Group offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, online publishing, search engine optimization, email newsletter marketing, editorial management, landing page best practices, social media optimization and online business management.
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