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Do's and Don'ts for Evergreen Press Releases

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February 20,2014

By Sarah Ware, Markerly

In journalism evergreen content refers to content that is forever available and relevant. This fresh, green content doesn’t expire and it is always accessible. So just how do you craft an evergreen press release, especially if it’s a timely announcement? We’ll explore that in this article so that you can brainstorm ideas for your next small business press release.

First off, understanding evergreen is crucial. This article is evergreen; it’s always going to live on this website, and it will always be relevant because of the content provided. An article written ten years ago about the best hiking trails through Peru would be the textbook example of evergreen content.

There’s many different reasons that evergreen press releases are valuable. Besides making your press release timeless, you’ll also get the added bonus of more relative search engine indexing, as well as more interest from journalists, increasing your chances of getting picked up by a major news outlet.

Crafting an evergreen press release is challenging, but it’s also entirely possible to make them spark year-round interest despite timely announcements. Here are some examples of how to make your press release evergreen no matter the subject.


General Press Release: You’re a chimney sweeping company and you want more awareness about your brand.

Do: Post a press release about how dangerous a dirty chimney is and how to prevent chimney fires. This is not only a news-worthy subject, but also something that makes your chimney sweeping business more relevant and necessary to homeowners and renters with chimneys.

Don’t: Don’t post a release only about it being chimney sweeping season and that your company is offering discounts on the service.


Product Press Release: You’re an online platform that connects parent’s to nanny’s and are releasing a new product that helps you share nanny’s with couples that live nearby making nanny’s an affordable solution for couples on a budget.

Do: Make your press release stand the test of time by writing about 3 ways that couples on a budget save money by having a nanny instead of sending their kids to childcare. Discuss the benefits of splitting the cost of a nanny with couples that live nearby, as well as the added benefits of flexibility for your career by not having to stay home from work when a child is sick.

Don’t: Don’t post your release only about the launch of the new product with a quote on how excited you are to release it.


Event Press Release: You are announcing that your company is sponsoring a marathon to support breast cancer awareness.

Do: Discuss stats and research advancements made the past year for breast cancer research and survivors. Let the facts lead into your company’s decision to sponsor and support this marathon. The facts will always be evergreen and can always be a point of reference in articles, even in years to come.

Don’t: Don’t post a release only about registration and dates and your enthusiasm over sponsoring it.


Next time you are crafting your press release brainstorm ways on how to make your press release evergreen so that your release can continue to drive traffic and awareness to your business for years to come.


Sarah Ware is the co-founder and chief executive of Markerly, an influencer marketing platform that advertises branded content to over 300 million people a month. Sarah is also a guest contributor to Forbes. You can follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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