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Combining Influencer & Content Marketing

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May 21,2014

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker

You are likely familiar with content marketing as a practice, but may be less familiar with influencer marketing. To put it simply, influencer marketing is the practice of getting thought leaders, or trendsetters to endorse your products and services for you. This gives brands an opportunity to reach an audience beyond their typical network from a trusted source.

Think about some industry leaders you follow. Do you place more value in information that they share? In general, people trust third party information on products or services over information provided by a brand. Zuberance found that offers shared by trusted advocates convert at a 4X-10X higher rate than offers sent by brands. This is why thought leaders are important. They provide trusted insight and opinion on an industry. Whatever they post is often viewed, retweeted and liked numerous times. And, it is trusted more than most marketing content.

Combining content marketing and influencer marketing is a great way to maximize your content strategy. A content marketing strategy with influencers in mind is a powerful asset for any brand. To combine the two, stay on top of the latest trends and tailor your content accordingly. Stories are newsworthy for a reason and influencers are always on the lookout for great content to publish. How does your brand fit into that story? How will you get people to read your story? Create content that relates to trends and includes your brand message so that influencers will advocate for you.

The problem facing most brands is in finding a large enough audience for their content. Social media networks are great, but they only reach so far. You need something bolder to get noticed. You need to connect with influencers. These are trendsetters, thought leaders, journalists, industry analysts, and those with large social followings.

Identify the right influencers for you and focus on what kind of content they recommend for their audience. Use this information to develop a content strategy that will resonate with their audience and that they will be likely to promote for you. You’ll need some great content at your back when you introduce yourself to an influencer. Think about what their network is interested in: they’re an authority for a reason.

Involve yourself in the influencer’s community. Influencer marketing is about relationships and trust. You earn trust of a community through clear communication and great content. In short, your content marketing strategy should include content that is relevant to influencers and their audience. When you create content that is powerful, shareable, and interesting, many influencers will become your advocates and give you more exposure.

About the author, Phillip Thune

Mr. Thune is the Chief Executive Officer of Textbroker, which he joined in 2010. Textbroker has grown dramatically as demand for content marketing has increased across the world. Prior to Textbroker, Mr. Thune was the CEO of and President of MIVA (previously, where he helped grow the company from 35 employees and $500,000 in annual revenue to 500 employees and nearly $200 million in five years, raise over $34 million dollars, acquire five businesses for a total of $230 million, and achieve a market capitalization of over $700 million. Mr. Thune also helped lead two different radio broadcasting groups which were among the 25 largest in the U.S.


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