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5 Multimedia Tips for Press Releases

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June 13,2013

By Christina Zila, Textbroker

Publishers are going online, leading to a demand for multimedia content. Help publishers fulfill their own goals by providing a multimedia press release with links, images, and video.

1. Add an Image

Let’s say your release is on something mundane, like a move to a new office. Attaching professional photos of the new space or a ribbon cutting ceremony to your press release can give editors extra insight into your event. Make sure that your images are at least 300 dpi, which is the minimum standard for print publications. Additionally, you may get extra space on the page. Adding these images to your multimedia news release increases recognition and, when tagged correctly, helps your images appear for your keywords in a search. You can reuse these images on your own site as well as your social media pages.

2. Show a Video

Whether it’s a product demo, one-on-one interview or a parody clip, video catches interest like no other medium. Our new location example could include a video tour of the office and shots of nearby amenities. The popularity of the show Undercover Boss proves that people like seeing what’s behind the scenes. By adding a video to your multimedia press release, your small business can raise the curtain and wake that interest. Referencing the video in your release can drive traffic to your site or YouTube channel.

3. Link to On-site Posts

Some releases are used specifically to promote a study, white paper or eBook. But those large pieces aren't the only assets you can use. Blog posts and how-to articles can be casually mentioned or linked within your release, provided that they're pertinent to the subject. For our new office release, link back to your contact page.

4. Link to Off-site Posts

Not all links need to point directly back to your site. If you're guest blogging, giving a link back to your guest post can give your partner an SEO boost, increasing goodwill and maintaining a relationship with your blogging partner. Adding links to external sites from your multimedia press release can add authority to your release as well by pulling in trusted domains. Our new office example could include a link to a map of the office or the broker that managed the deal, adding authority in one case and sharing credit in the other.

5. Get Offline

Sometimes we focus too much on digital media and our online presence. Remember your offline readers and include ways for them to interact with the release. For our ribbon cutting, invite the public to a grand opening event or to make an appointment for a personal tour of the new facility. Retail and restaurants can offer discounts for coming within a certain timeframe. This strategy is especially effective when paired with a charitable action. Keep your offline offers pertinent to your press release and don't allow them to overshadow your news.

News editors are continually looking for rich media to engage their readers. Meet publisher needs with images, videos and linked releases that connect the dots for your audience. Finish up with a way for offline readers to engage with the business to extend your reach.

Christina Zila is the Director of Communications at Textbroker, an online content creation company. She has more than ten years of experience in marketing and public relations. Follow Christina at @textbroker.

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