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4 Essentials of Blog Creation

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June 17,2015

By Phillip Thune, Textbroker


Producing a company blog has continued to become more popular and valuable among businesses of all sizes, and for good reason -- it’s an affordable way to improve a brand’s visibility and reputation, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.


Boost SEO and Increase Site Traffic

Inbound linking is one of the most important factors in determining page rank, which will influence the likelihood of appearing higher in search engine results as well as increase traffic to a brand’s website. According to Hubspot, companies that blog have 97 percent more inbound links than those that do not. Consequently, these businesses with active blogs generate 55 percent more site visits.


Build Brand Awareness and Trust

Blogs are also a terrific way for brands to communicate their knowledge to others and become viewed as a trusted source. What’s more, while doing so, the business is able to express its personality and convey core values in order to connect with readers on a more personalized level. In fact, Tech Client found that 61 percent of buyers have made a purchase based on a blog post.

With all of the content available on the Internet, it can be challenging to make a business blog stand out and increase the number of readers. To help combat competition and grow a following, it’s advised that a brand:

  • Create engaging posts.
  • Choose specific keywords.
  • Optimize content for social sharing.
  • Post frequently.


Create Engaging Posts

The first step is to produce content that’s both interesting and informative. In order to hold the reader’s attention and increase the likeliness that the viewer will share the content with others, the material must be entertaining and useful. Additionally, posts that contain a variety of images are more favorable.


Choose Specific Keywords

Use long-tail keyword phrases. While shorter, more popular keywords generate more traffic, there’s significantly more competition to rank highly for them. Longer keyword phrases of about four words that target a specific inquiry or topic have less competition, and they have a higher conversion rate because users searching for a topic that specific are typically further along in the buying cycle and know what they want. For example, a flower shop would have a lot of difficulty trying to rank highly for the keyword “Flowers,” and those searching the term may not even be looking to buy flowers. But the long-tail keyword phrase “Roses for wife’s birthday” is more likely to target Internet users who are specifically looking to make a purchase.

It’s also recommended to incorporate synonyms and variations of the keyword throughout the content as well as in the blog title. This improves search engine ranking and allows the optimization to seem natural and flow stylistically.


Optimize Content for Social Sharing

To increase traffic to a blog, share it on social media more than once. Followers may not have seen the post initially, or new followers may not have even had the opportunity to view it. Use tools that make it easy to share content as well. For example, the WordPress plugin Click to Tweet allows followers to tweet quotable material from the blog with just one click.


Post Frequently

According to data found by Hubspot, the frequency with which businesses post blogs impacts how much traffic their website receives as well as how many leads are generated, and the more a business blogs, the more they are rewarded -- so post often. Brands should also update older blogs because those will continue to receive traffic and produce leads over time.


By frequently distributing interesting and search engine optimized blogs that are easily shareable, brands can grow their blog, and ultimately brand, following. And through an increase in brand visibility and search engine ranking, they will likely receive more website traffic, leads and sales.


About the author, Phillip Thune

Mr. Thune is the Chief Executive Officer of Textbroker, which he joined in 2010. Textbroker has grown dramatically as demand for content marketing has increased across the world. Prior to Textbroker, Mr. Thune was the CEO of and President of MIVA (previously, where he helped grow the company from 35 employees and $500,000 in annual revenue to 500 employees and nearly $200 million in five years, raise over $34 million dollars, acquire five businesses for a total of $230 million, and achieve a market capitalization of over $700 million. Mr. Thune also helped lead two different radio broadcasting groups which were among the 25 largest in the U.S.



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