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4 Tips for Creating Holiday eBooks to Boost your Content Marketing Strategy

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December 17,2015

By Heather Wied, Pubsoft


While any time is a good time to add eBooks to your content marketing strategy, the holidays can be an especially strategic time because people are actively searching for any number of items to complete their holiday experiences. They’re looking for unique gift ideas, polite hospitality and hosting solutions, interesting decor ideas, hacks to save time and money on everything— the list goes on and on, and isn’t just limited to the year end holiday season. Get creative with your holidays and how your product or service can fit into a solutions for your customers. 

We’ve compiled some tips we’ve learned over the years to help you with your holiday eBook content marketing creation and publishing:


Remember the purpose of your eBooks.

Content marketing information can be like treasure for people on a treasure hunt on the Internet. People are searching for information and solutions, and when it’s given to them for free in a neat packages that is always way more valuable to them, and makes them more inclined to provide their contact information to you to get something in return.

Ebooks are a way to attract attention, but the real purpose is to provide a conduit for potential customers to find your brand and get more specific information on your products or service. In order to keep readers attention and to discourage them from abandoning your eBook, content marketing eBooks should be informational in nature rather than a hard sales pitch. Keep the content neutral, but provide a next step that allows readers to make an actionable movement toward your product or service as a solution.


Start with your value proposition and choose content relevant to your target market.

When you’re deciding on the topic of your eBook, a good rule of thumb is to create or put yourself in the shoes of your customer personas and determine what questions they would ask themselves. Equally importantly is how they would ask that question by typing it into a search bar. Try to use the phrasing and terminology that your customer personas would use and incorporate that into the title and themes of your ebook.


Give yourself time to curate and create interesting content.

Ebooks are a great addition to any content marketing strategy, but because of their longer format, they often require additional planning and work on the preparation side. You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, but be sure to give yourself enough time to create a quality eBook. Staying close to your topic, reexamine and repurpose old content you’ve already created for blog posts and other marketing documents. Then start preparing new and original content months in advance. Just remember all of the components involved with creating and distributing an eBook: curating, writing, and editing copy, finding and creating cover art and internal images if necessary, formatting for a distribution platform, publishing, and determining a sharing and communication strategy to make sure it reaches its highest potential audience.

While it seems a little daunting, starting in advance allows you to take each step incrementally to get to a valuable end product.


Plan to publish well in advance of the holiday.

Keep in mind that holiday eBooks are time sensitive, so the topics will only be searched for within a certain range of time. This is important when choosing a publishing date. With larger holidays earlier is better. There’s a reason we start seeing retail decorations and advertisements for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Plan to publish 4-6 weeks in advance of major holidays and give yourself about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks for lesser holidays.


Happy writing and happy holidays!





Heather Wied is the Marketing Director for Pubsoft. Follow @Pubsoft on Twitter.




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