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3 Tips for Getting Press from Bloggers

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March 6,2013

By Chris Sturk, Managing Editor, Mequoda

Press release distribution websites are one piece of the puzzle in regards to online PR. There are many community-oriented bloggers with their own devout audiences. Creating relationships with these bloggers can help you gain relevance with core audience members.

However, before you approach any significant bloggers in your industry, you must understand what works in cultivating relationships with them.

Follow these steps while starting relationships with bloggers

Tip #1: Keep your niche in mind. In order to not waste your time or any blogger’s time, you must stay within your context. If the blogger has a massive following but isn’t aligned with your content, then don’t attempt to create a relationship. It typically won’t benefit either party.

Tip #2: Don't rely solely on a press release.  Don’t be surprised by this suggestion because press releases are definitely an effective tool, but Blogs and Internet communities have come a long way over the last few years. People expect more personal bonds and sending a press release might be too generic for many bloggers. And since initial impressions are important, you want to start out any potential relationship with your best approach.

Amanda MacArthur, the Director of Content & Marketing at BuzzFarmers, suggests an “introduction, flowery applause, and then a list of calls to action” while reaching out to bloggers.

The introduction should include a little about why you’re reaching out. Compliment the blog and pick out some of the articles you enjoy the most. Also, make it clear why a relationship would be beneficial to both.

Tip #3: Prove shareable content. This is where your promotional content must shine. Bring forth any promotional videos, free reports, or podcasts. Let them know that you’d like to provide them with every piece of valuable content you’re willing to share. And if you run affiliate programs, or have coupons to share, let them know about that content as well.

Creating relationships with bloggers can open you up to new audiences. I recommend this approach whenever an aligned opportunity comes your way.

Mequoda Group's Managing Editor, Chris Sturk compiles, edits and publishes posts on the Mequoda Daily blog. Mequoda Group offers consulting services for publishers on content marketing, online publishing, search engine optimization, email newsletter marketing, editorial management, landing page best practices, social media optimization and online business management.

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