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"PR Newswire was a critical tool in helping my client maintain revenues. Faced with declining revenues, I needed to get them out of the box. While they weren’t ready to abandon their print and direct mail efforts, I helped them bolster their web and media presence. The PR Newswire effort definitely helped, especially enhancing our search engine optimization and pay-per-click efforts. When we saw the release distributed through dozens, if not hundreds, of sites on the web, we also saw our pay-per-click ads placed near the release. End result was increased traffic and a bump in their revenues."


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25 Reasons to Send out a Press Release

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February 25,2016

By Scott Lorenz, Westwind Communications

When should you send out a press release? You want to know my acid test? If it’s newsworthy and if it’s useful to the reader. It’s that simple. Anything else and it’s just a waste of time for the members of the media.

A good press release can accomplish a lot of things too. It can be used to announce information to the public, your investors, the media, your customers and even your competitors about you and your activities.

To help determine whether something is newsworthy, here’s a list of press release topics to get your ideas flowing about your own business.  Some are for general consumer media and some may not apply to all business types.


  1. Announce a new service.
  2. Announce a new product.
  3. Connect your business with a national holiday, a birthday or anniversary.
  4. Report a new study of your own or by others and your analysis or forecast.
  5. Newsjacking -- place your own spin on breaking news or content in real-time.
  6. Announce an industry-award win.
  7. Respond to industry announcement changes.
  8. Announce your exhibit at a tradeshow or convention.
  9. The availability of a new white paper by the CEO at your website.
  10. Personnel announcement.
  11. Create and promote a special event.
  12. News or media advisories.
  13. Host a seminar and announce the information discussed.
  14. Announce an upcoming speaking engagement.
  15. Partnering with charity.
  16. Innovative uses for your products.
  17. New clients you've obtained and their testimonials.
  18. Pricing and policy changes.
  19. Patents and trademarks.
  20. Litigation won.
  21. Anniversary of the founding date of the organization or company.
  22. How to apply for internships in your company.
  23. Scoring a major national PR hit… yes tell the media!
  24. How to apply for scholarships offered by your company.
  25. First person stories about people using your product or services.

What’s the Next Step?

How can a company or individual know if they are equipped to handle media relations internally or if they need to hire a public relations firm or an independent publicist? If you aren't completely certain after debating the pros and cons, ask these questions:

  • Are we getting all the visibilty we deserve?
  • Is our competition getting more than their fair share of media coverage?
  • Would media coverage bring more business to the firm?
  • Do we have a PR strategy for continuous year round media coverage?
  • Is our in-house “PR person or department” overburdened with “in-house” work like the company newsletter?
  • Do we NEED solid, consistent media exposure week after week, or are we satisfied with ‘occasional’ exposure?
  • Do we have the internal staff and expertise for a public relations strategy?

If you have the internal staff, and they understand PR principles, there may be no reason to hire an outside agency. If you don’t have the internal staff then a PR firm may be your best next move.


The Bottom Line:  Add press releases into your marketing mix. Promoting your business using press releases is an excellent tactic to reach a large amount of people in a cost effective manner. Do it today!


About Scott Lorenz
Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that has a special knack for working with individuals and entrepreneurs to help them get all the publicity they deserve and more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous startups, iPhone app developers, authors, doctors, lawyers, inventors and entrepreneurs. As a book marketing expert Lorenz is called upon by top execs and bestselling authors to promote their books. Follow Lorenz on Twitter @aBookPublicist.


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