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CASE STUDY: Doubet Consulting

Based in New York City, Doubet Consulting works with entrepreneurs and small
business owners who are looking for realistic and effective strategies for growth. Doubet
provides management, marketing, brand strategy, business development and public
relations expertise to accelerate time-to-market for products and services to both
business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients in a number of industries.
Managing Director Beth Silver and her team develop and manage numerous marketing
and business programs to meet the short-term objectives and the long-term goals of their
Challengs (or objective)
When Doubet opened its doors in 2000, its primary focus was marketing and business
strategy services. Although public relations was not a discipline they originally offered
clients, Doubet recommended that its clients engage in PR to be most effective in
meeting their goals and objectives. However, many of the firm’s clients found
themselves unable to act on the public relations recommendation due to budgetary
constraints. To rectify this problem, Ms. Silver and her team initiated a search of
different tools and services that would allow Doubet to provide its clients with the ability
to generate media coverage but not require a sizeable budget to execute it.
Ms. Silver learned of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service that links reporters quickly and
conveniently with expert sources, through a colleague’s recommendation. Ms. Silver and
her team were intrigued by the potential that ProfNet offered to respond to requests for
experts from journalists and proactively alert reporters to experts who can comment on
timely and newsworthy topics. However, before Ms. Silver could recommend ProfNet to
her clients, she had to be confident in its potential ROI, as well as Doubet’s ability to
properly utilize the service.
After answering a few media opportunities and seeing that her pitches were garnering
attention from journalists, Ms. Silver realized this was the best PR solution for her firm.
Not only could ProfNet facilitate contact between client and reporter, but ProfNet’s
numerous industry categories were perfect for the needs of Doubet’s wide-ranging client
Since subscribing to ProfNet, Doubet has been able to offer PR services that can
accommodate the limited budgets of its clients while producing results that far exceed
expectations. Two recent successes and a personal triumph highlight ProfNet’s impact
on Doubet and its clientele.
One of Ms. Silver’s clients is a national uniform manufacturer servicing the medical,
school, workwear, hospitality and fast food space. While browsing a daily feed of
ProfNet Opportunities, Ms. Silver noticed that a journalist was writing a story on the
types and variety of uniforms for different industries. Ms. Silver jumped on the
opportunity and pitched two members of her client’s management team to the reporter.
Within minutes, the reporter responded, and Ms. Silver was able to arrange an interview
between the company and reporter. The resulting article, which included commentary
from both executives, initially appeared in the Detroit Free Press and was then picked up
by 18 newspapers across the U.S.
On another occasion, Doubet was in the process of a rebranding campaign when Ms.
Silver uncovered two opportunities through ProfNet that were ideally suited for the
client. After liaising with management, Ms. Silver contacted the journalists who were
eager to quote management as an expert source in their respective articles. Within a two
month time period, the company was featured in media outlets three times.
ProfNet even allowed Ms. Silver to garner a little media recognition for herself. After
responding to an opportunity on self-storage, Ms. Silver was featured on the front page of
The New York Times “House & Home” section. The article included several quotes from
Ms. Silver, as well as a color photo. The next day, she received a number of calls from
business associates who had seen her featured in the article.
Reflecting on ProfNet and her experience with PR Newswire, Ms. Silver remarked, “The
return on investment has been well worth the cost for the ProfNet service. I am better
able to see trends based upon the requests journalists are making, which I think makes me
a sharper marketer. I waited two years to make a decision to call PR Newswire to see
how my business could benefit from its services. I regret not having followed my gut and
calling sooner.”

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