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Why PR Newswire--The PR Toolkit

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PR is essential for companies of all sizes and in all industries – and there are affordable tools that drive measurable results for small businesses and entrepreneurs. For a consultation with a PR Newswire expert, click here

PR Newswire’s powerful small business public relations tools help you….

  • Get Found in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing
    Journalists, bloggers and consumers often go to search engines first to find news and information. PR Newswire’s proprietary platform builds complimentary SEO features into every news release. No other newswire can match our search engine visibility – and we offer the reports to prove it.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
    When you need to go straight to consumers where they actively search for news – or when you want to reach journalists on a deadline as they hunt for relevant stories – you can leverage PR Newswire’s online-only distributions. These distributions get your messages to your target audiences and drive traffic to your Web site.
  • Reach 5,500+ Web Sites Via PR Newswire’s New Release Syndication Network
    Not interested in reaching journalists and media directly? Concentrate your efforts solely on search engines or online audiences to increase visibility and capture the attention of those who matter most. Your news release will be seen on the Internet’s largest news sites (such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL), niche and localized Web sites and news engines including Yahoo! News and Google News.
  • Benefit From Embedded Social Media Links and Tools
    PR Newswire offers social media tools that make sharing your news release with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms as simple as clicking the mouse. Every news release features a social media toolbar for instant sharing.
  • Get The Attention of the Media
    When you need to reach media and opinion leaders in the U.S., you need PR Newswire. Our relationship with journalists and bloggers, cultivated by our Audience Development and Media Research teams, ensures we’re delivering the information they need through their preferred channels. Whether you want to reach mainstream media & bloggers in the U.S., niche publications, multicultural, or public interest audiences, or you have a story that is timeless PR Newswire has the newsline that's right for you.
  • Measure and Track Your Results
    With every news release PR Newswire distributes across the U.S., we provide complimentary news release measurement tools that give you actionable insights into how your story is resonating with public, media and consumer audiences.


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"I'm finding that a press release driven out via PR Newswire plays a huge role in driving traffic to my clients' website. When we target reporters with a customized pitch that includes the release for background purposes, the numbers go higher and for longer.  Over a two-week period in February for one client, this approach resulted in a 128% increase in Web traffic."

Sally Hodge
Hodge Schindler Integrated Communications

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